Adwords Secrets and Strategies for Startups

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Bio: Samir Patel Founder/CEO of DoRevolution : Bringing Mindfulness to Marketing Managed $1B+ in Advertising Spend across Search, Social, Retargeting and Mobile Ads. Founded SearchForce took company to profitability with Fortune 500 clients. Pioneer in applying Wall Street Quantitative Finance Trading Techniques to Online Marketing. Top US Advertisers as Clients: Progressive, Experian, AT&T, Scottrade, Priceline, eBay, Oracle and MBA, Brand Marketing from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business.

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The Problem: Data and Controls

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The Channel Explosion: importance up, effectiveness down Lots of Data across Channels (Adwords), Facebook Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Analytics (Omniture), Mobile Ads, Marketing Systems (Marketo), Landing page optimization (Optimizely) but lack of Actionable Intelligence for Advertisers. Strategic: Most CMO’s lack ‘Growth Expertise’ and know-how because of invisibility of inventory and growth drivers. Tactical: Campaign Optimization super complicated and clients need highly analytical staff that is expensive and difficult to hire.

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Why are performance ads so complex to manage? Hundreds of Best Practices Data continuously changes Intense Competition Success metrics change Variety of new ways you can advertise and complexity in optimizing each (mobile, retargeting, video etc)

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Five Pillars of Adwords Optimization Account Structure Keywords Ad Copy Landing Pages Google Analytics

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Core Concepts Relevance Quality Score Bounce Rate

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Account Structure Pillar

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Keywords Pillar

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Keywords Pillar

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Keywords Pillar

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Keyword Pillar

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Landing Page Pillar

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Core Concept : Bounce Rate

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Ad Copy Pillar

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Google Analytics Pillar

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Core Concept : Relevance

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Core Concept : Quality Score

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Core Concept : Quality Score

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10 PPC Optimization Tips Search Query Report Keyword Match Types Cross Pollinations: SEO and SEM Ad Copy Testing Segmented Reporting for Day Parting Using Ad Extensions Budget Adjustments Competitive Terms Campaign Structure Device Based Bidding

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Accelerating Growth via Mobile Advertising

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Why Mobile?

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Tell them before you tell them Mobile Multiple Touch Points Calls Apps Cross Device Mcommerce & Mobile Sites In store 4 Tips: Optimizing Mobile PPC

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Calls This may sound obvious but let's not forget smartphones facilitate an action that is native to the device itself: phone calls. Customers sometimes prefer to purchase by phone. how a spontaneous party was made possible with purchases made via phone calls.

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Apps Mobile App Economy is 29.5B Gartner, 50B downloaded, 1M apps, 190 Countries Apps are a great way to enrich your relationship with your customers. App downloads and transactions that happen within your apps are two important sources of value from mobile. When consumers download your app, it creates new opportunities for conversions.

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Open An Existing App

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App Downloads

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New App Ads New Installations: Mobile App promotions across search, display and YouTube. Extract and suggest keywords based on Google Play and Google Seach Target Customers based on apps they use, frequency of use and in-app purchase history Reengagement: Ads that redirect inside of apps already installed, Deep Linking Conversion Measurement: Installation, Reengagement & In-App Purchases

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Cross Device Consumers often use multiple devices to make a purchase, starting by researching on mobile and then waiting until they are on another screen to complete the transaction. A product purchased on a laptop originated with research done on a smartphone.

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Mcommerce & Mobile Sites A mobile-friendly site is the cornerstone of any mobile strategy and makes it easier for your customers to purchase directly from their smartphones.

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5 Common Mistakes Mobile Sites Unplayable videos Faulty redirects Smartphone-only 404s App download interstitials Irrelevant cross-linking Page speed

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In Store Most people use their smartphones while they are on the go. Searching for store locations and getting directions to purchase in stores are common activities that drive significant value for businesses.

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Smarter ads optimized for varying user contexts

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4 Mobile PPC Optimization Tips Mobile Bid Adjustments : Need to get on top positions because of form factor, bid higher for location based targeting. Mobile Preferred Ads : Separate mobile/desktop, Call directly or provide a promotion based on time. Different URL for mobile. Call Extensions: Ad scheduling based on call center, Your own number or Google’s forwarding number On Site Call Conversions: Track calls from phone number embedded on website when users need to reach more before they buy

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Tools Google Think - MultiScreen: Everything Google + Mobile PageSpeed Insights and Quicksprout Mobile Site Development : MoovWeb, Mobify

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DoRevolution: Bringing Mindfulness to Marketing

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DoRevolution Pi maximize ROI from Digital Channels and Marketing Automation Systems. Automated Actions Accelerate Growth Increase Profits or Lower cost

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Simple and Actionable Intelligence

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