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A brief What, When & How on… ARYAN TWANJU Freelance Web Designer | Developer Phone: +977-9841477174 Url: Email: [email protected] Facebook: FREELANCING

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What is freelancing? Freelancing is working as a self-employed person/professional for multiple employers without an formal agreement or contract for long period of time. A freelancer may work part-time or full-time and at any span of time that he/she desires. This is because, basically, there would be no fixed working time like office hours. This would give the freelancer the benefit of freedom in working hours and working place/environment.

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When to start freelancing? There won't actually be any pre-defined right time to start freelancing but its all about ones personal decision as to when he/she would quit working as an employee and start freelancing. However, there is always a couple of points that would be helpful to decide whether or not to start freelancing.

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You can start freelancing when; you feel like you can work on your projects alone you have all the necessary skill-sets and tools to get started you have good communication skills to seamlessly communicate with clients you have good portfolio to showcase your works you feel like you can find potential clients who would be interested in working with you

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What does it take(How) to start freelancing? Build personal portfolio/website to showcase your past works Be sure you have good communication skills both written and spoken (English specially) Decide and specify your skills or services you would be providing. Be specific on the skill-set and don't include everything you know but include only few that you are best in. Identify your ideal clients and know everything about them.

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What does it take(How) to start freelancing? Decide on your pricing structure, don't get vague on this while talking to client Decide on your payment systems/methods and let client know about it Keep all the documents ready beforehand (good proposal, contracts, invoice)

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Things to be noted to sustain in freelancing Push Yourself and Get Good Be Likeable, Excited and Enthusiastic Be referable, never let the client be unhappy with you or your work Design the portfolio you think your clients want to see Focus on clients, his needs, his expectation and be Flexible Always collect full information about clients and maintain some database of clients that you have worked with

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Pros and Cons of freelancing

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Pros Work when you want to Work from home or where ever you want Be your own boss Choose only those projects you want to work on Learn as you go, and learn what you want Work on a wide variety of projects, not just one Cut off your expenses No dress code Have your personal life

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Cons You may not always know when your next paycheck will come You must be constantly looking for clients You have to be good at more than just one skill No insurance, no job guarantee, no retirement plan Working alone can get very lonely Creativity burn-out is major problem while working alone You have to be self-disciplined and self-motivated If your office is in your home it can be very easy to end up working all the time And, for sure, your friends might feel free to call and chat anytime, because they think you aren't working

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Dos and Don'ts in freelancing

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Dos Keep clients satisfaction on top priority Always prepare a process or work-flow chart for project and let client know about it Always make all the terms and conditions about the project clear beforehand (payment terms, payable amount, deliverables, deadlines, revisions and alterations, post-project support) Be honest, reliable and self guided After project completion, ask for a couple of lines from your happy clients as testimonials, that is what would help get you next project

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Donts Don't miss the deadlines Don't be late to reply to clients’ email, messages, IMs and phone calls Don't keep on reminding about money and payment over and again, keep this thing simple and clear beforehand Don't be vague while explaining things to client Don't tell client you can do everything when you can't

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Platforms/Websites for freelancing

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Platforms/Websites for freelancing Acquired by Others

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Profile/Portfolio/Reviews in freelancing platforms

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What does client seek in you to award the project? Reliability Quality work Prompt response Clear communication Understand his requirements Self guided/self motivated Respect deadlines Good work history Excellent past reviews Fits under budget

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How to write a successful proposal that wins you the freelancing project? Project proposal is the first and almost the only thing that would make the client decide whether to award you the project or not. So writing a good and intuitive project proposal is of primary importance. Here are few points to be noted before placing a bid and writing a successful proposal.

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Writing a bid proposal Write your understanding about the project (let the client believe you understand his need) Address the clients requirement for the project and recommend your solution to it if needed Let him know about the benefits he would get from you and your solution Project fees (let it tie up with the recommended solutions and don't scare client with your price) Your skills and past works that are similar to the ideal project Put ahead any question you think would be helpful in understanding the project

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Points to be considered while placing a bid Don't bid on every project, this could make the clients feel cheap about you Always read the project details and understand it fully beforehand Avoid template or scripted proposal Custom tailored proposal should be written for each project Try not to underbid or overbid Define time frame wisely, stating too long or too short time frame won't be helpful Check on the clients history Don't forget to proofread your bid

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Samples of proposal

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Hello name, I have gone through your project description and requirements and I am interested in taking up your project. As per my understanding, it would good to develop your website in some frameworks like wordpress or joomla that would give you full control and ability to add or edit contents and pages. I'm a professional web designer/developer with over 6 years of excellent experience in web designing and development. My professional strongest strengths are Web Designing, Wordpress, Joomla, Bootstrap and Brand Design. I am confident that I will do your work very well. I hope you would like my work. I could be available for your project for upto 30 hours a week. Please have a look on my past works here. Hope you would like these. Regards, Aryan

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Payment agents/options available for us Paypal Moneybookers/skrill Payoneer Western Union Money Transfer Wire/Bank Transfer

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Thanks a lot for patience!

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