The ABCs of RCA

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The ABCs of RCA How to Build an Effective Reporting Machine

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Amy Scissons Global CRM Practice Lead Mercer Laura Mannix Marketing Enablement Manager Mercer Brian Glover Senior Product Marketing Manager Marketo Speakers

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What is Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA)? Analyze program & channel effectiveness Prove marketing impact Evaluate marketing funnel health Connect marketing to metrics that matter

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Why Do I Need Revenue Reporting?

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Why Do I Need Revenue Reporting?

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Why Do I Need Revenue Reporting?

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Why Do I Need Revenue Reporting?

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Analyzers Success Path Opportunity Influence Program/Channel Effectiveness

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Agenda About Mercer Seven steps to RCA Success Common Pitfalls to Avoid

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About Mercer A global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement, and investments Helps clients around the world advance the health, wealth, and performance of – their people. Over 20,500 employees in 40 countries Wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies (NYSE: MMC)

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Seven Steps to RCA Success

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Source Marketing Opportunities Sales Step 1: Systems Alignment Review Inbound Data Sources Study System Configuration Connect CRM Systems

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Step 2: Get Buy In Lead Scoring Model Feedback Loop Sales SLAs Contact Role Association

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Step 3: Agree on Success

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Step 4: Standardize Execution Naming Convention Success Metrics Program Setup Tagging & Cost

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Step 5: Monitor and Modify

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Step 6: Craft the Dashboard

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Step 7: Socialize the information

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid

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Where possible,… integrate Create data flow from other systems to get the full report Manually upload information if there is no integration available

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Watch your spend Create a cost framework (may want to include base cost for all promotional channels) Programs without cost months can be difficult to report on If you sell in multiple currencies, map the converted revenue amount to RCE for attribution reporting *You can modify the Analytics Behavior on the Set Up tab if you are not tracking costs.

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Clone, clone, clone! Set up program templates that work for your team Train users to clone the standardized templates rather than starting from scratch Saves time and prevents errors in recording success Don’t forget to update tags, add a cost and activate triggered campaigns!

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When tagging, think long-term Strategize with stakeholders on how data needs to be sliced in reports It is easier to group tags and roll up than to add a new tag and re-label old programs

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Watch the clock! Marketo timestamps the time and date of membership and success Don’t wait to mark leads as success – you could miss out on opportunity credit Lead generated Opportunity created Opportunity won

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Use Contact Roles Use contact roles in for the most accurate attribution reporting by Ensure this process is in place before you start rolling out programs and reporting Align with Sales early on to use this functionality Using all contacts might cast too wide a net and you’ll lose creditability with Sales

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Don’t go too far out of the box Marketo and & Microsoft Dynamics have a native integration Overly customizing and complicating your CRM system will have downstream effects on your integration and reporting

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Integrate systems Track your spend Create clone-able templates Long term tags Be mindful of timestamps Use contact roles Keep it simple Remember…

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Thank You! Amy Scissons – [email protected] Laura Mannix – [email protected] Brian Glover – [email protected]