Co-Create: Creating Better Together

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Co-Create Creating Be er Together h ps://

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Denise Jacobs Twinkle Tampere ✶ Tampere, Finland ✶ 8 December 2015 h ps://

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@denisejacobs @TwinkleNetwork #Twinkle2015 #createtogether

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Want the slides? h ps://

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Web Design/Dev à Creativity Evangelist Photo by Derek Kearney

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à Founder + CEO, The Creative Dose h p://

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It’s the new Black h p://

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IBM CEO Study, 2010 h ps://

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Crucial to economic growth h p://

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We MUST create

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A business imperative h ps://

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Adobe’s State of the Create Study h ps://

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Myth of the lone creative genius h p://

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Who generates a lot of brilliant ideas h p://

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Isolates and keeps us in silos h p://

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Blending ideas and concepts h ps://

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Working together toward a common goal h p://

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Unblock h p://

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"The creative process involves many conversations…conversations with co-creators and colleagues, conversations with oneself…." – The team at the Dubberly Design Office (emphasis added)

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What blocks individual and collective creativity the most? h p://[email protected]/8497106802/

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Fears! h ps://

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Fear of being judged h ps://

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Fear of ideas being criticized h p://

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Fear of not being perfect and making mistakez h ps://

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Fear of not being “enough” h ps://

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Fear of unique ideas h p://

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Forms of the Inner Critic h ps://

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F.E.A.R. = h p://

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Mind-body connection

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“Our bodies change our minds, our minds change our behavior, and our behavior changes our outcomes.” - Amy Cuddy, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” TED talk

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Try it: Power Pose Hack

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Fiero! h p://

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Makes space for inspiration h p://

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Experimentation mindset h p://

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Ideas will start to flow h p://

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Connect h ps://

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“Creativity is social….Instead (of brainstorming) you need “magic circles,” small teams of people who trust each other, are familiar with each other, and play together.” – Bruce Nussbaum, Creativity Intelligence

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More people: More creativity! h p://

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“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard h p://

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Keeping your ideas to yourself is detrimental h p://

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Self-preserve or share knowledge? h p:// -johansson-in-lucy-movie.jpg

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Be generous

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Share your ideas h p://

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There’s a flip side h p://

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You also need to LISTEN h p://

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Over-talking = muting others h ps://

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1) Be present h p://

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2) Pay a ention h p://

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3) Relax your own agenda h p://

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Try it: Talk + Talk / Talk + Encourage h p://

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Builds trust and sense of safety h ps://

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Combine h p://

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Diversity of People = Diversity of Ideas h p://

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“Creativity…thrives on diversity, tension, sharing, and collaboration.” - Stefan Klocek, “Be er Together”

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Need everyone h p:// Brain-Infographic.jpg

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Complementary roles and responsibilities h ps://

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Respond and adapt to create h p://

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Try it: Story by Suggestion h p://

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Words to Suggest: Listener #1 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Pomegranate Pencil Bread Taxi Ceiling Cards Bo le Flower 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Fly Run Suggest Type Develop Move Play Speak

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Words to Suggest: Listener #2 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Screen Glasses Sweater Paper Candle Book Watch Ki en 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8.  Sing Sit Ask Place Write Sleep Jump Cry

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Play h ps://

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“Play is how we invent and experiment.” – Josh Clarke, “The Web Gets Real” talk

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Improve with Improv h p://

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Instead of this

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Amplify the ideas of others h p://

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“Plussing” h p://[email protected]/6032481145/

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1) Start where you are h p://

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2) Accept the offer h ps://

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3) Fully commit Photo: Jessie Shternshus

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4) The response is always

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5) Make your colleagues look good h ps://

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Try it: Six Person Sentence h ps://

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Group contribution = best outcomes h p://

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Design an environment for co-creation

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Provide proper outlets h p://

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Public space for ideas h ps://

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“Co-creation needs externalized material. Sharing the fuzzy, early, raw concept gives your (team) material to work with, to respond to and evolve.” – Stefan Klocek, “Be er Together”

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Encourage “stupid” ideas h p://

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They may be the best ones!

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Post ideas to allow them to grow and develop h p://

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Have both si ing and standing space h ps://

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Create a locus where people + ideas can mix and mingle h ps://

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Collaborate at every stage of a project h p://

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Co-Create! h p://

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A new paradigm h ps:// ersponge/4955768144

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Tried to do it all by ourselves h p://[email protected]/4052943367/

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Trying to think and be clever

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Time to up-level our creativity h p://

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What are we ultimately shooting for? h p://

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Not h ps://

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But instead h p:// er-2013-1200x1200.png

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My ThoughtLeader crush: Umair Haque h p://

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Be erness? Be erness!!

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“The sum total of human effort can add up to not merely more, but to Be er.” – Umair Haque, Be erness: Economics for Humans

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Develop an openness to differences h p://

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Strong bonds form amongst the group h p://

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It starts with You h p://

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“Collaboration flourishes when there is a willingness to embrace new practices and thinking.” - Nic Evans, “How to Collaborate: The Creative & the Practical”

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Tap into collective brilliance h p://

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Co-create to make be er things h ps://

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And most importantly, to h p://

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…Together! h ps://

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Get the slides! h ps://

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THE CREATIVE DOSE A Creativity + Innovation Collective Work Better. Create More. Create Betterness. Creative Thinking & Problem-solving Applying an Innovation Mindset Creative Collaboration Team Communication & Cohesion @thecreativedose

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My upcoming book! Banish Your Inner Critic 26 Effective Techniques for Unleashing Productive Creativity

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Thank you! h p://

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