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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market Farmer’s Markets are one of the best ways to buy seasonal, local produce and they foster a sense of community that’s often missing at the supermarket. But, they can sometimes be crowded and confusing. Here are a few tips for a smooth and stress-free visit to your local farmer’s market.

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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market Bring Cash and Your Own Bags Not all vendors take credit cards so go prepared with cash. Likewise, not all vendors offer bags, plus it’s better for the environment. The sturdier, the better.

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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market 2. Go Early For the best selection and thinner crowds, go on the earlier side. The busier markets tend to get crowded which can impact your experience.

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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market 3. Start With A Walk Through Get the lay of the land by strolling through the market first, especially if it’s new to you. Size up what’s available, fresh and in season.

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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market 4. Be Social Speak to the farmers and ask them about what looks good this time of year and ask about their growing practices. You can also get great tips for how to prepare produce that is new to you.

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How to Shop a Farmer’s Market 5. Buy Bulk Some of the best deals are found when you buy in bulk. One advantage of going on the later side is that you can score overripe or unsellable fruit and veggies (great for juicing) at a discount.

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