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Food Photography Tips and Techniques for Success Presented by: Renee Dobbs @reneedobbs and @Beef

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Food Photography Time Saving Tips Setup Scene In Advance Determine props Place props Use stand-ins Set reflectors and diffusers Do test shots Check and set lighting Check overall scene & adjust Check for distractions Have garnishes ready @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Photographing Beef Steaks Let rest at least ten minutes Room temperature best Use beef juices to moisten inside Use oil to add shine to outside Use sharp knife for slicing Prop with cosmetic wedges @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Photographing Beef Roasts Use oil for shine Use torch or heat gun to brown Use restraint with sauces & gravy Garnish with fresh herbs @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Photographing Beef Raw Beef Time is critical Will oxidize Keep pieces separate until using @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Photographing Beef Vegetables (for salads and stir-frys) Pile lettuce high or on top of prop Use freshest possible Undercook peppers Blanch green beans + ice bath Mist veggies with water (not beef) Arrange to give pops of color @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Food Styling Tools Long tweezers or chopsticks Water spray bottle Oil and pastry brush Paper towels Toothpicks Cosmetic wedges Q-Tips Syringe Squeeze bottle Frosting spreader @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Food Styling Tips Color wheel Style for ethnic cuisines Small plates and bowls Use white when in doubt Colorful and/or textured linens Textured surfaces & backgrounds Tell a story Set a mood Garnish, garnish, garnish @reneedobbs @Beef

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Food Photography Lighting Tips Real daylight is best Daylight fluorescent close second Cheap reflectors – white foam board Cheap diffuser – white sheet (low thread count) Use white foam board to set white balance Silver reflector – baking sheet Gold reflector – wrapping paper @reneedobbs @Beef

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