The Art of Food: How Food Brands Can Maximise Social Media

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Expert Insights, Marketing & Social Media #SMWFoodArt @officialorama

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DEFINING THE ART OF FOOD Art: A range of human activities and the product of those activities, i.e. Visual arts Food: Substance consumed to provide nutritional support Food Porn: A glamourised spectacular visual representation of cooking #FoodPorn tweeted or retweeted 700 times / hour Food Art: Food porn engineered by brands Food + Visuals + Social Media = Audience Growth (Orama‘s definition) Picture courtesy of The Fat Duck

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ORAMA.TV – FOOD ART ON FILM Cooking is the fastest growing genre on YouTube Food channels have grown +280% in 2013 videos have reached over 4 million people have filmed 39 michelin stars We help FMCG superbrands, high street restaurants, startups grow their audience Picture courtesy of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

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ANDREAS ANTONA Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur Mentor to successful chefs, i.e. Glynn Purnell, Luke Tipping and Andy Waters. 'The godfather of modern Birmingham food”. THE TIMES @simpsons_rest @TheCrossKen

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KAREN FEWELL Founder of Digital Blonde Marketing Social media guru & food industry researcher Currently writing #FoodPorn Book @DigitalBlonde

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JOHN QUILTER AKA THE FOOD BUSKER Chef, YouTuber, Entrepreneur Founder of CruKafe, finer coffee in a better capsule Presenter, London Live Food Junkies & Jamie Oliver‘s Foodtube @JohnQuilter

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CAROLINE KENYON Director of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year World’s leading awards recognising the art and diversity of food photography @KenyonFood @FoodPhotoAward

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OLI INGHAM Marketing Manager at Wahaca Judge on BBC‘s Dragon‘s Cellar 1 to 15 restaurants in a few years New opening: DF Mexico in July 2014 @wahaca

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Elodie Bretz Brand Manager at Rollover Hotdogs Over 20 million hotdogs sold worldwide (3 million in the UK) @ElodieBretz @RolloverHotDogs

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Food glorious food

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PRESS – 23 MICHELIN STARS IN 60S 'A dizzying montage of food porn' 'Une constellation d'etablissements de renom' 'Ultieme foodporn video' 'Magnifico video con platos y chefs de nivel. ' 'La video illustre parfaitement le terme food porn' 'There's also plenty of fancy food porn, with several intricate dishes being plated and served. It's pretty stunning'

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PANEL TOPICS #FoodArt or #FoodPorn: A New Trend? The RISE of the Food Photographer New Technologies & New Behaviour Marketing Impact: Food Sharing Moving Images: Food on Film A Positive Social Impact

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ANDREAS ANTONA: SUCCESS STORY Michelin star UK Top 30 restaurants Birmingham’s finest Simpson’s and The Cross Cookbooks Andreas Food diaries

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#SMWFoodArt @OfficialOrama @JohnQuilter @DigitalBlonde @Simpsons_rest @KenyonFood @FoodPhotoAward @Wahaca @ElodieBretz @RolloverHotDogs

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