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SHARING a LOVE FOR STREET FOODS Blogger Sharing Session at Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2014, by Bayu Amus/Epicurina Ver. 1.1

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Contents What is street foods? Reasons to love street foods? Street food experience (good and bad) Assessing street foods Writing tips Sharing session

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The term "street foods" describes a wide range of ready-to-eat foods and beverages sold and sometimes prepared in public places, notably streets. (FAO Regional Workshop on Street Foods in Asia, held in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in 1986)

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street food Characters Vendors' stalls are usually located outdoors or under a roof which is easily accessible from the street. They have low-cost seating facilities which are sometimes rudimentary. Their marketing success depends exclusively on location and word-of-mouth promotion. (Street foods in developing countries: lessons from Asia, F.G. Winarno and A. Allain)

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Reasons to love Street Food? SHARING A LOVE FOR STREET FOODS

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Reasons to love Street foods Cheap and Yummy! A living history Inseparable travel experience The best example of local taste Helps the Earth! SHARING A LOVE FOR STREET FOODS

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Cheap and Yummy Originally sold for poor people without kitchen in their home, Street foods today still attains the affordability Years of specialization combined with sheer passion = Yummy! Here’s some examples: REASONS TO LOVE STREET FOODS

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Bubur ayAm Location: All over Indonesia Cost: IDR 7K – 15K A very versatile breakfast, and available virtually all over Indonesia Best eaten with chicken, liver, raw egg, cakwe, fried soybeans, celery, and sweet soy sauce. porridge cakwe chicken liver fried soybean Cheap and Yummy!

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NASI GUDEG Location: Java Cost: IDR 15K – 25K A form of mixed rice, with Gudeg as the main ingredient: sweet slow cooked young jackfruit. Best eaten with opor ayam, liver, pindang egg, and kerecek. Assorted snacks Telur pindang Opor Ayam Jengkol Gudeg Opor Hati Ayam Krecek Cheap and Yummy!

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NASI GORENG ACEH Location: Aceh Cost: IDR 15K – 25K A curry tasting fried rice, with assorted fried meats and refreshing pickles. pickles omelet curry fried rice deep fried stuffs Cheap and Yummy!

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LAKSA MEDAN Location: North Sumatera Cost: IDR 17K – 25K Thick rice noodle with fresh mint leaves, pickled shallots, mixed with thin fish curry. Anchovies curry pickles Thick noodle Fresh mint Cheap and Yummy!

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ANGEUN TUTUT Location: Jawa Barat Cost: IDR 5K – 10K Tutut (fresh water snails) boiled in its shells, with savory light curry soup. Originally a farmer’s meal during watering stage of their rice fields, now it’s a rare delicacy sold only in few traditional markets. Best eaten in its own, on family gathering moments. Both the taste and the look might look intimidating for tutut-virgins. Water snails Cheap and Yummy!

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Roasted skipjack Location: Serangan Island, Bali Cost: IDR 20K – 30K A whole ikan tongkol (Skipjack Tuna) on a stick, slowly roasted over charcoal fire, to produce the firm textured meat with smoky aroma. Best eaten with sambal matah Bali and warm pile of rice. Well paired with kerupuk klejat (sea snails) and jukut bulung (seaweed salad). Roasted Skipjack Sambal matah Cheap and Yummy!

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GRILLED SEAFOOD Location: Bali Cost: Raw ingredients + IDR 20K-30K/Kg Cooking cost + rice + sambal matah Go to Kedonganan fish market and order the fish, clams, lobsters, squids, even octopus there, then have it cooked at the stall outside. Grilled crab Sambal matah Lobster Mussels Cheap and Yummy!

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SATE LANGUAN Location: Bali Cost: IDR 1K – 3K/piece A minced fish with Balinese seasoning, wrapped around coconut tree/sugar cane/lemongrass stalk then roasted over coconut husk charcoal. Best eaten with: Sambal terasi, sambal matah. Cheap and Yummy!

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A Living history Many Street foods has been around for more than 50 years Street food preserves the region’s best cuisines Street foods might sometimes trigger your memories of the past REASONS TO LOVE STREET FOODS

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Nasi Ayam Bali Made Weti

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Sate Lilit Ayam Batter fried eel Pepes Ayam Sambal matah Fried shallots Chicken blood Telur balado Assorted Urab White rice Lawar Ayam

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Nasi Ayam Bali Warung Satria

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Ayam Betutu Warung Liku Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki Uluwatu

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inseparable travel experience “You haven't been to” + [region name] + “if you haven't eat at” + [street food name] REASONS TO LOVE STREET FOODS

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Ayam Taliwang from Lombok

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The best example of local taste Street foods more than often represents “local taste,” that reflects local cuisine culture -- impossible to duplicate elsewhere REASONS TO LOVE STREET FOODS

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A whole different world “Beignets. You ever hear of that? - We can get it here. Not the same. When you have it here, it's good because it reminds you of, like, a whole world of memories that you have of being there. 'Cause it's like... I'm telling you, it's like a whole different world.” (Chef, 2014)

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It helps the Earth (And the local Farmers) As most street foods are using local produce, it greatly reduces the carbon footprint resulted from sourcing the ingredients. Productive street foods scene in a city means thriving local food producers, e.g.: local farmers. REASONS TO LOVE STREET FOODS

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Assessing Street Foods Street foods safety level Telltale of a good street foods What’s the cure for Street food related illness? Retelling Street food experience SHARING A LOVE FOR STREET FOODS

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street food safety level Despite concerns about contamination at street food vendors, the incidence of such is low with multiple studies showing rates comparable to restaurants. Nina L. Etkin (2009-09-15). Foods of Association: Biocultural Perspectives on Foods and Beverages that mediate sociability. ASSESSING STREET FOODS

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Telltale of a good street food High turnover means ingredients are always fresh Visible cooking and preparation Social validation ASSESSING STREET FOODS

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High Turnover Case A very famous street food stall in Bandung, Jawa Barat spends about 20 million rupiah a month for sweet condensed milk. And 200 million rupiah a month for cheddar cheese. And that was back in 2007

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What’s the Cure for street food illness? Ginger to ease discomfort (Global) Po Chai pills to cure indigestion (Asia) Apple cider to kills bacteria (US) Activated carbon to absorbs bacteria (Global) ASSESSING STREET FOODS

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Retelling street food Experience Writing tips Editing tips Photo tips ASSESSING STREET FOODS

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Writing Tips Aim for storytelling instead of Wikipedia entry “Know what you write,” not “write what you know.” State facts but don’t forget to provide your perspective The Drama setup: Starts in the middle where it gets exciting, build backgrounds as you proceed RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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Writing Tips Don’t be your own critics, aim for bluntly retelling your story first, refining/editing later Do series of iteration instead of aiming to nail it right the first time Practice, practice, practice RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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EDITING Tips KISS Enrich your food vocab Adhere to word counts if you’re writing for a magazine article RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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PHOTO Tips Capture the light! Daylight is the best Low angled sun for lively shots Cloudy sky for vibrant colors RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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PHOTO Tips Not enough/ideal light? Provide your own light source Provide steady footing, or use “Anypod” + long exposure Shoot in RAW RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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PHOTO Tips Narrow DOF and bokeh provides dramatic scenery Take more shots than you think you’ll need Explore angles, compositions Practice, practice, practice RETELLING STREET FOOD EXPERIENCE

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Negative experience Q: “What was your worst incident of food poisoning while traveling for No Reservations?” A: “Liberia. I was crawling around leaking in all directions for two days.” (

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Sharing Session Tell us your best street food experience Tell us your worst street food experience Share with us the unique street food of your country What are the issues that you see with street food

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THANK YOU! For more delicious food shots and stories about street foods in Bali and all over Indonesia, please visit: For more information about Ubud Writers and Readers Festival please visit The peddler cart image is based on artwork. Visit for amazing 3D DIY paper replicas. For inquiries and correspondence please send your email to [email protected]