Socio-economic andEnvironmental Impacts of Industries

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Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts of Industries By- Tanmay S. Srivastava MSc Ist Semester Institute of Science, Nagpur

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Socio-economic "Socioeconomic" refers to the influence of finances and educational advantages on social status.

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Socio-economic impacts of Industries Constructive: - Job Opportunities - Development of Infrastructure - Improved Standard of Living Obstructive: - Environmental Pollution - Diversion of Resources - Health Effects

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Industrial Pollution Industrial pollution is the introduction of waste material from factories, mining and construction operations into the environment. It constitutes mainly land pollution, air pollution and water pollution. 

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Types of Industrial Pollution Air Pollution Water Pollution Soil Pollution

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Impacts on Air Quality due to Industries Carbon Emissions Global Warming Acid Rain due to emission of large amounts of gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur and nitrogen, among others.

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Global Emissions by Source Emissions by Country

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Water Pollution due to Industries Industrial water pollution is caused by the discharge of harmful chemicals and compounds into water, which makes it unsuitable for drinking and other purposes.

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Effects of Industrial Water Pollution ? Change the pH and colour of water ? Alter the nutrient content ? Change water temperature (thermal pollution) ? Increase the amount of minerals and salts in water ? Increase the murkiness (dark colour) of water

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Land Pollution due to Industries Large quantity of solid wastes like unused and rejected chemicals unwanted industrial wastes generated during manufacturing processes  are dumped over on the surface of soil by almost all industries with difference in the degree. All these solid materials dumped on surface of soils are bound to change the chemical and physical nature of soil. It also results in large quantity of pollutants leaching to pollute underground water.

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Status of Soil Contamination in India Govil et al (2001) significant contamination, showing two to three times higher levels of toxic elements than normal around the Patancheru industrial development area of Andhra Pradesh, just north of Hyderabad city. Singh et al. (2002) studied Ganga river plain for heavy metal contamination, stream sediments from Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi and Agra were classified as highly polluted to dangerous sediments. Krishna and Govil (2004) their data revealed that the soil in the Pali Industrial area in the western state of Rajasthan is significantly contaminated with high concentrations of heavy elements like Pb, Cr, Cu, Zn, Sr and V.

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Industrial Disasters All Over The World. North America 1.Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident 2.Donora Smog Event 3.Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill 4.Collapse of Kingston Power Plant Japan 5.Japan Minamata Disease 6.Itai-itai disease Taiwan 7.RCA China 8.Chemical Factory Explosion in Jilin Province, CHINA India 9.Toxic Gas Leak Disaster in India Bhopal Europe 10.Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster 11.Pollution in Blue Danube Waltz 12.Rhine River Pollution | 13.Meuse Valley Smog 14.UK London Smog Incident

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Steps to curb Industrial Pollution and in turn reduce its Impact on the Environment Proper and Strict enactment of Policies to Control Pollution Terminate Unplanned Industrial Growth Cease use of Outdated Technologies Regulate large number of Small Scale Industries Impede Inefficient Waste Disposal

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