Over consumption: Water, soil & food waste

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John Pryke Gabrielle Robinson Jonathon Smith Over consumption: Water, soil & food waste

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Water Water is so important to our daily lives We over use water as individuals and also as a whole There is less than 1% of fresh water left in the world and most of it is frozen. Agriculture uses a large percentage of our water

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Water Over 80% of ground and surface water is used by our agricultural system. Lakes and rivers are decreasing and even drying up due to large scale agriculture.

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Water Water conservation is important. We can save and conserve water in our every day lives. Taking shorter showers Condensing laundry days Eating lower on the food chain also saves water Meat requires more water then plants Watering lawns less

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52% of the land used for agriculture is moderately or severely affected by soil degradation Land degradation is worldwide - both in developed and in developing countries. 

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On the global basis, the soil degradation is caused primarily by overgrazing (35%), agricultural activities (28%) Degradation of land includes soil erosion, desertification, salinization and nutrient depletion. The rate of degradation has increased dramatically with growth in human populations and technology.  Continued loss of arable land will jeopardize our ability to feed the world

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Restoration Lightly Degraded Soil Moderately Degraded Soil Severely Degraded Soil

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What is a necessity and what is a luxury? Inequalities in consumption Globally.

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There are important issues around consumerism that need to be understood: Environmental degradation Poverty Hunger rise in obesity

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Reducing the amount of food wasted has significant benefits: Why Divert Food Waste From Landfills? Environmental Benefits Economic Benefits Social Benefits

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Conclusion Over consumption of water Land degradation Food waste