Hydrocarbons as Fuel

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Clean & Green
 Hydrocarbons Krzysztof (Kris) Palka

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Our Vision: ! We want the same thing you want. ! An energy industry that’s better for the planet, and for people, and for profit.

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The green origin of hydrocarbons ! If you consider that forces of nature created them, they are green. Hydrocarbons
 were created by a combination of: ! • • • • • • • • the sun’s energy CO2 photosynthesis phytoplankton and plants zooplankton and animals anoxic conditions pressure and temperature and a lot of time

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Easy access to
 abundant energy ! Humanity has flourished with tremendous help from fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas.

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How did
 become dirty? ! Because we burn them as fuel. Hydrocarbon combustion generates both GHG emissions and pollution. When we had fewer people and fewer 
 activities, this was not significant. ! But now, we are overwhelming 
 nature’s ability to deal with the 
 results of hydrocarbon combustion. !

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and… we burn 
 them to create 
 more hydrocarbons ! It’s a vicious cycle.

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Hydrocarbons are an inefficient and non-renewable source of fuel ! ! less than
 20% of its
 is used.

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The future can
 be optimistic ! Humanity will make better choices… eventually. ! We can wait until the crisis sets in… or we can be proactive...the choice is
 in our hands.

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Imagine… clean & green
 hydrocarbons ! Clean and green hydrocarbons 
 used as a source material for recyclable and reusable products, not as a fuel. ! Produced without GHG emissions, pollution, harmful plasticizers or fresh water. !

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“It’s better to help create new order than be a victim of it” Wallace Pratt

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Where do we start?

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Let’s take a look at an oil battery treater ! !

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25% better for Planet, People and Profit ! !

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70% better for Planet, People and Profit ! !

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Change starts with
 each of us ! We don’t need to wait for change to happen on a grand scale to see a difference. Change starts with you, at home. Today. ! • Reduce, reuse and recycle • Walk, bike, public transportation • Use high efficiency natural 
 gas furnace and appliances • Install solar panels on 
 the roof of your house • Use LED lights • Drive an electric car !

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Let's focus our efforts on a much better future for our industry, for our province,
 and for our country. ! Do it for you, for me,
 and for our children ! Let’s do it together! ! Krzysztof (Kris) Palka ! Visuals:
 Wes Pohl

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