Guy's Cuisine Government Shutdown Cupcakes

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So, who is getting tired of the federal government?

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I made something that represents how I feel about the government, which is I am tired of the crazy stuff!

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To make my government shutdown cupcakes, I used Reese’s Premium Cupcake Mix.

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Mix using the ingredients and methods on the box.

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Place batter into cupcake pans, and bake!

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Then I placed green food coloring in white frosting and mixed well! The green represents the greed!

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Then I mixed together the peanut butter filling!

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I placed red food coloring in the peanut butter filling, the red reminds you of the evil folks in Washington.

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I piped the red filling in the middle of the cupcakes.

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I topped the cupcake with green frosting and other stuff.

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The sprinkles represent the average people getting screwed. The gummy bear represents the one with all the power, and let’s add some red frosting for evil!

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So there, something to remind you how corrupt our government is in America today!

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In Closing Enjoy eating, maybe it will remind you to vote for someone else in the next election!

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