3 Reasons GE's New Wind Turbine Changes Everything

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3 Reasons GE's New Wind Turbine Changes Everything

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1. Dividend History 1. More energy

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1. More energy Compared to its 2.75  MW predecessor, General Electric’s 3.2 MW is capable of producing up to 20 % more energy. That means more energy per turbine, which cuts down on nearly every relative cost there is: property, construction, grid connection, and maintenance.

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2. Cash 2. More Consistency

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2. More Consistency GE’s new turbine is its biggest yet, and big turbines can take advantage of small wind. With customizable hub height options between 280-510 feet, there’s a tailored turbine for every site.

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2. More Consistency General Electric’s “Brilliant” software platform also allows for better load management, and its network of 26,000 turbines ensures continued learning about what works best.

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3. The Business 3. More Flexibility

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3. More Flexibility Turbines aren’t known for their flexibility. A single turbine blade weighs around 12,000 pounds. When the wind doesn’t blow, it’s not producing energy. Until now.

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3. More Flexibility As part of its “Brilliant” turbine lineup, GE’s latest turbine will include integrated energy storage systems. That means each turbine can (for at least a short while) deal with erratic wind supply and load demand without relying on external storage systems.

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