6 Things You Need in Your Kitchen If You Are Planning to go Vegetarian

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6 Things You Need in Your Kitchen If You Are Planning to go Vegetarian

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Nut Butters Contains number of important nutrients like Protein, Healthy Fats, Fibers, Vitamins and Minerals. Nut butter can fuel your body for hours.

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Beans One can say beans are the life-saver for vegans. Full of protein and fiber one can easily use in place of meat. Rise them in water first to get the best results.

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Agave or Maple Syrup Want to add some sweetness in you meal? Maple Syrup would be the best option for you as a vegan. Very good if you want a strong sweet flavor.

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Aminos Must for any die hard vegan fan. They quickly add the delicious umami flavor of soy or tamari sauce to any vegetarian dish. You can also try coconut aminos for a different taste as they are little sweeter. Cooking using aminos help your body to create proteins more faster.

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Coconut Oil They are safer than most other cooking oil because of its high smoke point. The most important benefits of using coconut oil is it help you lose weight. The fatty acids in coconut oil can increase energy expenditure, improve satiety and help you lose weight.

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B Vitamins Initially when you change any eating habit no matter how healthy it is, you may develop deficiencies until body gets used to of your new habit. Keeping vitamins B handy for few days can save you from developing any kind of deficiency.

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