Food Shoppers in America

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F O O D S H O P P E R S in America SEEK REWARDING EXPERIENCES Food Shopping in America, a new study by MSLGROUP and The Hartman Group, reveals evolving consumer behaviors when it comes to grocery shopping. In particular, the study shows how important value and relevance are to consumers as they shop. With more time and money constraints than ever, consumers look for shopping to be a “rewarding experience.” Consumers Seek More Rewarding Food Experiences from All Types of Retailers inSpiriNg prEpareD Food OptionS hiGher-QualitY ProductS glObal Fare MARKET ORGANIC frEsh oFferingS seRviceS Traditional Shopping Channels Average of 15 GroceRy storE VisitS a mOnth 85% 89% Of coNsumeRs shOp at GroceRy stOres Each Month Shop At maSs/Super Each Month spEcialTy/NaturAl, club and OnlinE chaNnels best deliVer hIghly relevaNt, uniqUe prOductS And sErvicEs thAt fuEl shOppers’ aspiRatioNs, leadIng tO the highEst aDvocaCy scorEs. Alternative Channels Offer a Way to Engage Majority visit 3 different channels each week CLUB STORE WHOLESALE SuperMarkeT spEcialtY shoP 36% 46% ShoppEd thE cluB chaNnel In thE lasT montH ShoppEd at specIalty/NaturaL Food StoreS in The lAst mOnth For more information on the study and to understand how these insights can translate into actionable solutions for your brand, contact: Steve Bryant Director, Food & Beverage [email protected] | 206.313.1588 cluB storE 13% Spend at lEast 5% oF GroceRy biLl onLine

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