Pathway to Affordable, Sustainable Energy in the Dominican Republic

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An efficient, renewable-based energy system could save the Dominican Republic up to US$25 billion over the next 15 years #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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An efficient, renewable-based energy system could create up to 12,500 additional jobs in the Dominican Republic #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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An efficient, renewable-based energy system could reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Dominican electricity sector to a mere 3 million tons annually #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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The Dominican Republic's solar energy resource is strong and far superior to that of Germany, the global leader in installed solar photovoltaic capacity #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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Just 15–20 medium-sized wind farms (60 megawatts each) could provide half of the Dominican Republic’s current power demand #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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The Dominican Republic spends up to a tenth of its gross domestic product on fossil fuel imports #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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Electric transmission and distribution losses remain very high, at 38 percent, leading to significant financial losses for the Dominican power system #DRroadmap | for release july 7, 2015

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“Together with our partners on the island, we have proven that a power system built on the efficient distribution and competent use of the country’s vast available renewable resources is the only smart way forward for the Dominican Republic.” #DRroadmap | Alexander Ochs, Worldwatch

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“A paradigm shift is happening in the Dominican Republic, and our Roadmap will further accelerate it.” #DRroadmap | Alexander Ochs, Worldwatch

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“The country is now at a crucial point where it must implement targeted measures in order to achieve the full benefits of a sustainable energy system for generations to come.” #DRroadmap | Alexander Ochs, Worldwatch

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ABOUT THE ROADMAPS: By collaborating with local stakeholders, the Worldwatch Institute has produced Sustainable Energy Roadmaps for several countries and world regions. Combining technical analysis, socioeconomic modeling, investment analysis, and policy assessment, the Roadmaps result in concrete implementation plans that empower nations to reduce local pollution, greenhouse gases, long-term energy costs, and dependence on fossil fuel imports, and to create new social and economic opportunity while supporting environmental integrity.

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ABOUT WORLDWATCH: The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization based in Washington, D.C. that works on energy, resource, and environmental issues. Worldwatch delivers the insights and ideas that empower decision makers to create an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs. For more information, visit

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