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THE 1st DISTRICT 1eme arrondissement; €€€€ Angelina 226 Rue Rivoli , 75001 Paris angelina-paris.fr Across from the Jardin des Tuileries, and near Hotel Meurice, this tea salon is known for it’s decadent pastries, particularly the Mont-Blanc dessert, and world famous African hot chocolates from the Ivory Coast, Ghana and Niger. The Belle-Epoque architecture, romantic decor, and quiet ambiance add to the classic Parisian, elegant experience.

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THE 1st DISTRICT 1eme arrondissement; €€€€ Jean Paul Hevin 231, Rue Saint-Honore, 75001 Paris jeanpaulhevin.com This spot is a chocolate lover’s dream. Chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin has won many awards for his superb chocolate. Buying at the minimalist boutique is a hushed, quiet experience that keeps you focused on the beautiful desserts and subtle flavors.

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THE 3rd DISTRICT 3eme arrondissement; €€€€ Cafe des Musees 49, rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris cafedesmusees.fr You’ll find steak frites on nearly all Parisian menus, but Cafe des Musees might serve the best. The meat is seared, giving it a nice crust. The fries are crisped to perfection and served alongside a traditional Bearnaise. It’s hard to go wrong with anything at this classic, tried-and-true Parisian bistro.

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THE 7th DISTRICT 7eme arrondissement; €€€€ Chez L’ami Jean 27 rue Malar, 75007 Paris lamijean.fr This Basque dining experience promises to be wild and fun. You MUST make reservations, because this popular spot fills up fast. The party atmosphere is rolling at all hours, so go late! And be prepared to eat. The country pate is served in a large, family-style ceramic baking dish, and patrons are expected to cut and serve themselves only what they'll eat. Honorable mention also goes out to the suckling pig – a rare treat for many travelers.

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THE 7th DISTRICT 7eme arrondissement; €€€€ Apollon 24 Rue Jean-Nicot, 75007 Paris apollon-paris.fr These are some of the best chicken Greek gyro sandwiches you’ll have anywhere and the fries are fantastic! The chicken is tender and flavorful. Apollon is a short walk from the Champ de Mars at the base of the Eiffel Tower, so a gyro lunch and a stroll in the park is a nice way to enjoy any Parisian afternoon.

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THE 9th DISTRICT 9eme arrondissement; €€€€ Le Pantruche 3 Rue Victor Masse, 75009 Paris lepantruche.com Another classic bistro, and the menu has few misses. If you’re near Opera Garnier, this is a great place to eat. Their terrine of foie gras is a classic starter. Reservations may be required since it is rather popular.

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THE 11th DISTRICT 11eme arrondissement; €€€€ Clamato 80 Rue de Charonne, 75018 Paris A modern seafood tapas experience set in the ultra-relaxed atmosphere of a quaint diner. Rustic dishware, tiled floors and wooden booths create an acoustic vibration that’s almost as dynamic as the food. Chef Bertrand Grebaut and Theo Pourriat opened this tapas bar in November 2013 to high critical acclaim. The menu changes daily and promises not to disappoint.

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THE 15th DISTRICT 15eme arrondissement; €€€€/€€€€ L’Os a Moelle/La Cave Schmidt 181 rue Lourmel, 75015 Paris Food at the “cave” served family style in large portions – with the scallops and side of beef coming highly recommended. The folksy atmosphere offers a three-course prix-fixe menu with multiple options per course. Although the original chef Thierry Faucher had relinquished ownership to Stephane Schmidt for several years, he recently returned to the helm of this charming mainstay of the Parisian culinary scene.

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THE 18th DISTRICT 18eme arrondissement; €€€€ Le Refuge des Fondus 17 Rue des 3 Freres, 75018 Paris Located near Montmartre, this restaurant can be touristy, but for good reason. If you insist on having fondue while in Paris, this restaurant will provide a fun and delicious experience. It’s known for its tiny replica baby’s bottles of wine and cozy bench seating. You’ll definitely be rubbing shoulders with other diners. It is rather loud, with a younger demographic, but a silly and good time.

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