12 Foods For a Romantic & Passionate Valentine’s Day

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12 Foods For a Romantic & Passionate Valentine’s Day Created By: Personalize My Diet

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ASPARAGUS It is best for pumping up arousal and orgasm since it is rich in Folate and Vitamin B. Plus, due to a significant amount of Vitamin E, it also increases sex hormones in both the partners.

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AVOCADOS It is best for increasing sex drive and energy. Since it is also rich in Munounsaturated fat, Minerals and Vitamin B6, it can keep your libido active and alive.

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CHOCOLATE It is a rich source of tryptophan that releases serotonin that is good for arousal. It also contains phenylethylamine that stimulates romantic feelings.

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LICORICE A great mood maker, Licorice imitates the effect of Progesterone and Estrogen which are beneficial for sexual responses as well as reproduction.

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OYSTERS It contains mineral that generate Testosterone which is a hormone that increases the libido in both the partners. Plus, it also contains Zinc that improves sperm count and sex potency.

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BANANAS It is great for consuming Potassium and Magnessium that helps build endurance. It is also great for increasing male libido.

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STRAWBERRIES It contains high amount of Vitamin C that is good for increasing sex drive and also sperm count.

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ALMONDS It is a good source of Selenin, Zinc and Vitamin E which are great for increasing male sex hormone as well as their libido.

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SAFFRON It’s is an amazing spice for an improved sex life.

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LETTUCE It is ideal for activating the sex hormones.

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WATERMELON It boosts sexual drive by producing natural enhancements. It contains betacarotene, lycopen and citrulline.

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GINGER It’s rich in nutrients that are great for increased libido

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EGG It’s a great source of boosted stamina due to its richness in protein

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