Dietary Guidelines (For the Real World!)

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se ilediu ateiD (For the Real World) Here's how 5 writers ate by the Dietary Guidelines for one week. Steal their ideas & see what works!

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ad o rah Sa "I’m not counting calories, or milligrams of nutrients, or weighing my food. Instead, I’m being aware & cognizant of trying to get all the important nutrients I need in my diet."

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ad o Sarah's Breakfast Greek yogurt & pomegranate seeds Protein, calcium, probiotics, & fiber- all before 9am.! Sarah's Snack Latte with regular or soymilk Extra protein & calcium

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Sarah's Snack ad o Whole grain crackers and tzaziki dip (yogurt dip) Protein, whole grains, & fiber to feel satisfied! Sarah's Lunch Turkey wrap on a whole grain tortilla with roasted turkey, & avocado. Whole grains, lean protein, & healthy monounsaturated fats

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ad o Sarah's Snack A handful of almonds & a few dried figs Protein & carbs before a workout Sarah's Dinner Slowcooker eggplant parm, with spinach sautéed in olive oil Important antioxidants, calcium & protein, while adding to my veggie quota & using healthy oils 

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adseuT gan Me "Meal planning makes a big difference for me! We have a white board in our kitchen that helps us plan our dinners."

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adseuT Megan's Breakfast Whipped banana oats with milk, chia seeds, jam, and nuts Plenty of protein and healthy fats!

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Brown rice, roasted chickpeas, & an Indian dish made with eggplant & tomato Whole grains, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins! Megan's Dinner Chicken sausage, roasted potatoes, & veggies Filling half the plate with veggies for vitamins, plus getting some great protein! adseuT Megan's Lunch

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adse de iz L "MyPlate has always been my best friend when it comes to simple, no-nonsense meal prep. I love eating out, so, luckily for me, many restaurant & quick serve options can fit nicely into a DGA healthy meal pattern. " 

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adse de Liz's Breakfast Greek yogurt, strawberry preserves, & a banana. High-protein dairy & a fruit or two!  Liz's Lunch Frozen salmon meal with orzo pasta & spinach in yogurt sauce, an orange, & a diet soda Healthy fats, protein, grains, & veggies!

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adse de Liz's Dinner a spinach & kale salad, with black beans, quinoa, avocado, cabbage, tomatoes, & shredded seasoned chicken breast Packed with protein, fiber, & whole grains, plus bonus healthy fats via the avocado!

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ads uhT ura a L "Sticking to the DGA made it easier for me to make a good choice when I went out to dinner."

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ads uhT Laura's Breakfast Steel cut oatmeal, skim milk, banana, & maple syrup Protein from the milk, a serving of fruit, & whole grains and fiber from the oatmeal Laura's Lunch Chicken sausage, tomatoes, green beans, hummus, & a sweet potato. Colorful and full of veggies, protein, and a vitamin A boost!

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ads uhT Laura's Dinner Salmon, brown rice, & Brussel sprouts Protein, omega-3 healthy fats, whole grains, & veggies!

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adi mi a K "I follow the DGAs pretty well with a few shortcomings, but it's easier sticking to it when my pantry is stocked & I make meals ahead."

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adi Kami's Breakfast Oatmeal, sausage, & hot chocolate with dairyfree milk Fiber, whole grains, iron, & zinc, plus protein, along with calcium and vitamin D that even works for the lactose-intolerant!  Kami's Lunch Chili with ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, & some cheddar cheese Plenty of protein, with a hint of dairy!

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adi Kami's Dinner TBD TBD Spinach salad with boiled eggs, bacon, & a lemon pepper vinaigrette Added protein and healthy polyunsaturated fats!

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