How Millennials feel about climate change

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Nidhi Chimnani Director, Research & Insights, MSLGROUP (and a Millennial) @nidhichimnani How Millennials feel about climate change And what we want to do about it.

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In October and November 2015, we engaged with a community of 270 Millennials to understand their views on climate change. 18-30 year olds 10+ countries 42% younger Millennials (18-25 year olds) 60% female at The circles indicate the number of responses from these countries.

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What emotion do Millennials feel when they think about climate change?

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Millennials feel….

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- Elena, 19, UK [I’m] shocked that the things most of us don't even think about can have such a huge impact half way round the world! UK

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- Lauren, 24, United States Businesses should be held responsible for the products they are making and what happens after the products are used (and how they are disposed). US

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- Sara, 24, Denmark It’s so easy to do something, so why on earth do politicians and companies have to make it so hard? Denmark

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Millennials also insist on collaboration between these key actors – especially Business and Government. It’s no wonder that Millennials say Government, Society and Business are together most responsible for change.

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52% Millennials hold themselves co-responsible for implementing solutions.

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Winnie, 22, Taiwan I feel sad. I am an environmentalist, I want to slow down climate change personally. Taiwan

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A.Y., 30, Malaysia We need to save Earth for the next generations. We cannot live happily when seeing our own house are being burnt. Anxiety rises and people are sick both emotionally and in bodies. I do not want to feel sick anymore. Malaysia

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Shina, 25, China Everybody is responsible for climate change. We can do every little thing to change the situation and we have to! Companies can push people and I think we need leverage this to effect more people to take action. China

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Here’s how Millennials want businesses to address climate change. MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME TO...

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CHANGE THE WAY YOU... Here’s how Millennials want businesses to address climate change.

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PARTNER WITH... Here’s how Millennials want businesses to address climate change.

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Hope Act like one planet

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Climate change is the greatest threat to civilized human culture and progress. On the other hand, it is the greatest potential for innovation, collaboration and the establishment of a real global community. Asger, 30, Denmark Denmark

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If you were President or Prime Minister of your country… We asked Millennials what they would do if we offered them some power. If you had $100 million to address climate change… Power Money Authority

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If Millennials had $100 million to address climate change, they would invest in…

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If Millennials were Head of State of their country, they would introduce… eco-mindset eco-system eco-nomy 1 2 3

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3 Recommendations for Business

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1. The fight against climate change should be everyone’s fight Make it relevant to everyone’s daily lives. If they know they can make a difference, they will. Inspire people to innovate new ideas and technologies. Individual actions – around aspects like clean energy, sustainable agriculture, R&D – will lead to a significant collective response.

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2. The tipping point for Sustainable Business is now It’s time for transformation. With increasing pressure from Millennials, and in fact all stakeholders, businesses must find new ways to operate. A new era of performance with purpose. There is a ‘Race to the Top’ – this will be amplified by early actors and the UN climate change conference.

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3. Businesses, Millennials are your best chance for change. We are acting anyway. With businesses, or on our own. We are stronger together. Millennials bring the passion, the vision, the creativity. Businesses bring stability, scale and structure. Both are crucial for success.

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